Scripts for Supper

Following her success in reaching the semi-finals of MasterChef 2016, the multi-talented Annie McKenzie is teaming up with her drama school pal Alice Devine to bring an immersive theatre & dining experience to the masses – and it’s going down a treat!

It’s no secret that Devon is home to some of the best culinary talent in the country. After all, we produce some of the best ingredients and have a captive audience of hungry tourists to entertain and feed throughout the year. But when a rising food star decides to leave the bright lights and smoke of London for the rural affair of life in Devon, there must be a fairly good reason behind such a bold move. 

Earlier this year, MasterChef 2016 semi-finalist Annie McKenzie upped sticks and relocated to escape the hustle and bustle, opting for a slower pace of life. Far from an early retirement, this was more like a retreat to find some calm while she developed an exciting concept to bring to the food scene. Despite her abundant skills, Annie’s background is not in professional cooking, but in the world of theatre – and it is the combination of these two passions that have given rise to Scripts for Supper, a pop-up dining experience where a theatrical performance takes place in and around the dining room. This is no solo-effort, rather it comes to fruition with the help of Alice Devine, a fellow actor and director who shares a love of all things food-related. When asked about what makes them work so well together, it’s clear that passion is what drives them both. 

“Alice is the super creative one,” Annie says, “And she brings a bit of detail and beauty to the plating up. She’s the creative yin to my culinary yang!” This shows, as the dishes they prepare and serve not only taste great but look fantastic too. 

As for the flavours – each pop-up menu is tailored to the season, the venue, and the performance on the night. The thorough and thoughtful approach that embodies Scripts for Supper shows detail in every part. The dishes on offer are modern and varied, drawing influence from the heritage of each of the women – Annie’s is of Sottish-French descent, and Alice has Irish roots but also lived in Tuscany. 

Alice describes their offering as “soul food – full of flavour, love and passion” which pairs perfectly with the events they run.

Scripts for Supper evenings focus on creating a shared experience, with diners immersed in the show as actors perform around them. Characters rub shoulders with diners as they deliver their lines, and during breaks the guests enjoy a cosy sense of connection and conviviality. 

This winter, they are touring The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe around venues across Devon, including Tapeley Park in Instow. And of course, Annie & Alice don’t just write the menu, but also the script as well! Everything that you experience during their pop-ups is entirely created by the dynamic duo themselves, and it seems their talents know no bounds. From first course to curtain call, Scripts for Supper is certainly a dining experience to remember!