Jamie Rivenberg

- Writer - Photographer - Artist -

Jamie Rivenberg is a food, travel & lifestyle writer & photographer based in the UK,
with experience as a head chef, expedition leader & copywriter.

As well as freelance article contributions, he is also a resident Food Columnist for Devon Life Magazine,
where he shares his encounters with local food producers as part of
The Adventures of Poppy RustyBus.

Further afield, he has traveled to North Africa, Asia and across Europe as part of expeditions and culinary adventures.
Many of Jamie’s recipes and stories have been inspired on these journeys,
during which many of his popular photographs have been captured.

Please enjoy this selection of articles on a variety of subjects including food & drink, art & lifestyle, adventure & travel, as well as portfolio pages showcasing recent photography and artworks.

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Disclaimer: Jamie Rivenberg accepts no liability for loss of time, earnings or hair caused by visiting this website.

- Food & Drink -

Recipes, Reviews & Articles about all things edible.

- Travel & Adventure -

Tales from Journeys & Expeditions from my doorstep and beyond.

- Photography -

Portfolio of images I have captured from around the world.

- Art -

A selection of Artwork from throughout my years on this planet.

– Latest Posts –

Thoughts: On Balance…

Thoughts: On Balance…

The following is a brief outpouring of brain clutter. It serves no other purpose than to be an unartistic sharing of thoughts around a subject that I am certain to return to properly at a later date... Today, my thoughts have been focused on balance. Whilst I'm...

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Burn the Mince Pies!

Burn the Mince Pies!

Over-indulging over Christmas has led to the inevitable love handles and general doughy appearance of my torso. Much of the exercise from the autumn has been successfully undone, and now it is time to address this issue with much haste. Tonight was out first night...

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Today, the River became an Ocean…

Today, the River became an Ocean…

I don't consider myself to be a person that relies on routine. Instead, I see myself as a creature of habit. Perhaps distinguishing the two is an exercise in semantics, but the nuanced difference between the two is why I feel the need to clarify this point. Like most...

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Jamie’s path has never been straightforward, which has meant he often finds himself in places he never intended to be, just outside of his comfort zone.

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