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"Worthy or not, my life is my subject, and my subject is my life." - Giacomo Casanova

One of the greatest things about the internet is the seemingly endless space for everyone to carve their own little niche, filling it with their own thoughts, unique perspectives, and occasional ramblings.

This is my niche. This place is where I share my life, from half-mundane tales of my breakfast to heart-on-my-sleeve stories of love, laughter and loose-footedness.

I am a hopeless romantic to my core, and I only do things with passion and purpose. I write here without aim of persuasion, only to express myself, and to share my little view on this vast world with people who have too much time on their hands. 

Thoughts: On Balance…

The following is a brief outpouring of brain clutter. It serves no other purpose than to be an unartistic sharing of thoughts around a subject that I am certain to return to properly at a later date... Today, my thoughts have been focused on balance. Whilst I'm...

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Burn the Mince Pies!

Over-indulging over Christmas has led to the inevitable love handles and general doughy appearance of my torso. Much of the exercise from the autumn has been successfully undone, and now it is time to address this issue with much haste. Tonight was out first night...

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Un-Deck the Halls

So it wasn't quite Twelfth Night, but we decided that it was time to take our Christmas tree down. We've been away for most of the festive period, visiting friends and family across the country, so we have barely had any time to look at it this year anyway. But alas,...

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The Year Ahead

New year, new start, new me... Nope! Last year was a pretty exceptional one for me, on the whole. I achieved more than I had planned, and ticked off some life goals along the way. I turned 30, I grew my business, I developed my creative skills. Oh, and I got married....

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Loose Ends: The Lost Days of Late December

A light flurry of snow is falling outside, refusing to settle on the sodden ground. Meanwhile, our energetic border collie is wrestling with my in-laws' equally boisterous alsatian/labrador cross, both of whom are feeling trapped indoors thanks to the weather. At this...

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Too Busy Writing to Write

I've been somewhat busy the past week or so. The usual workload aside, I've been participating in NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month. For those who haven't heard of it, what started off as a creative writing project in the USA back in 1999 has now become a...

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Doodling All Day

“Mister Rivenberg! Will you please stop doodling and do some work! You’ll never get anywhere in life if you just sit there drawing all day!” My teachers always told me off for doodling. My workbooks would be littered with seemingly random scribbles of off-topic...

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First, I will set the scene, as all good storytellers should. It is late on a Friday evening, but thanks to a shared case of the common cold we are laying in bed. My wife is already asleep in a cocoon of duvet nestled between two hot water bottles. She’s been snoozing...

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