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"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." - George Bernard Shaw

My love of food stems from my childhood growing up in rural North Devon. Being always surrounded by farms and fishing boats has instilled a deep love and understanding for what is important – locality, seasonality and a genuine care for the produce.

During my twenties I was a head chef at 5 restaurants before leaving the professional kitchens behind to let my passions grow in my home kitchen instead. My recipes and reviews are all based on proper home cooking, with the occasional pro tip thrown in for good measure.

Burn the Mince Pies!

Over-indulging over Christmas has led to the inevitable love handles and general doughy appearance of my torso. Much of the exercise from the autumn has been successfully undone, and now it is time to address this issue with much haste. Tonight was out first night...

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Recipe: Cinnamon Oat Pancakes with Caramelised Banana

I find my choice of meals greatly influenced by the weather, not just the seasons. This morning was a bright sunny sky with just a few clouds scudding by, but it was of course still October. There was a very gentle breeze, but not enough to require a jacket, and the...

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Recipe: Filmjölkslimpa – Swedish Buttermilk Bread

This week, I've been channeling my inner Ned Stark. Winter is most definitely coming. That means preparing for the cold months ahead, and there are no better neighbours for us to learn from than our Nordic cousins. They are well versed in the methods of storing,...

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Love Devon – Love Umbria

Published in Devon Life, 2016 It is a terrible cliché, but it’s true. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. All too frequently we take things for granted. Those things unique to our particular way of life, things we are surrounded by every day become,...

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Lemon & Cardamom Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake isn’t exactly boring. The sour citrus zing and sweet sponge team up perfectly with a cuppa to lift up any dreary afternoon. This recipe, however, seeks to add an extra element of aromatics to the mix. Cardamom is one of my...

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Pulled Barbecue Chicken

It seems every high street bar and burger joint is offering Pulled Pork or Chicken on their menu. The last 3 years has seen a meteoric rise in interest in the slow-cooked delight, from topped quarter pounders, to stuffed tortilla wraps, and...

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Honey & Apricot Flapjack

Autumn afternoon tea breaks afford us the opportunity for something cheeky. The bleak weather and impending early darkness prompt us to have a nibble with our cuppa, a bit naughty, like a biccy or a muffin. The weather means those extra calories will burn themselves...

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My Christmas comes early at North Devon FoodFest 2015

I'm not a fan of the word, yet I seem to be labelled it on an almost daily basis. Be it from loved ones or new acquaintances, the single most common term ascribed to me is Foodie. I believe it to be an ancient Celtic word meaning "One who will always have another...

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Cooking with a Boom!

October has had me driving Poppy around Devon to farmers markets and food festivals, often getting home as the fog settles in after sundown. Our country roads can be exhausting. The joy I get from spending the best part of an hour painstakingly blending spices,...

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Glampig Sausages

It’s a cliché, yes, but what goes into something really does impact what you get out of it. Most of us nowadays strive to use the best ingredients when we create exciting meals in our kitchens, and finding top quality producers close to home ticks all the boxes for...

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