Jamie Rivenberg is a writer, designer, photographer, adventurer, artist and hopeless romantic.

Professionally, he is fortunate enough make a living through his creativity. He is the Creative Director of Two Coast Media, overseeing all elements of design and communications from logos and print media to product design and websites. Jamie has a distinct fascination and love of architecture, interior design and typography.

As a lifestyle writer, alongside contributions and features in various publications and websites, Jamie is the Editor-in-Chief for Red Fork Magazine, having previously been a food & drink columnist for both Devon Life Magazine and Crumbs Magazine. He is a champion of home cooking, seasonal produce, and wholesome living.

As well as written pieces, his adventures are also documented through images that he captures along the way, both photos and video. His professional photography can be viewed at rivenberg.co.uk.

Sometimes, a whole journey can be in search of one photo. Other times, one photo can make a whole journey.

He lives in Devon, England, and wherever else he happens to be between birth and death. He is kept sane by his patient and loving wife, and kept fit by his adorable energetic border collie Tiki.

He believes in life being the only thing that anyone
truly possesses, and that it must therefore not be wasted.
He is inspired by many, disheartened by some,
and lost in the eyes of a few.
He is a bohemian, a vagabond,
and a penniless fool.
He is a wanderer, a cook,
and a clown.

“about life”

This is the ethos behind everything here, and underlines everything that I strive to achieve creatively. Whether it is a meal, a piece of furniture, an adventure or a story it should always be with the aim of doing something positive and good – contributing towards a better life for oneself and those around us.

Like most personal websites and blogs nowadays, this is very much an outlet for my personal creativity. There is nothing written or shared here that isn’t genuine. It’s 100% from my stupid brain and nobody else. Some of the work may have been published elsewhere, but this is where it remains unaltered and unedited, as it is intended.

Jamie loves hearing from people who enjoy his work...

If you are interested in working with Jamie on any future projects, or simply wish to chat, please feel free to get in touch.