As we embark on the joyous journey that is selling our house, and purchasing a new one, I will be sharing our experiences here. As always, I will endeavour to be honest, but with that comes the risk of me getting a little ranty. In this first part, I look at the annoyances of being at the beck and call of your estate agent, and their approach to finding a buyer.

So, yesterday the estate agents phoned us to book a viewing for our house for yesterday afternoon. A little too short notice so we booked for today instead. Still short notice, but we’re keen to sell, so that’s fine.

Last night, my wife and I raced around the house cleaning it and tidying everything we could, and even touching up paint that was probably fine the begin with. We’re a little bit house proud, to say the least.

I just had a phone call from the estate agents, at just after 9am, with them saying “Sorry but the viewing this afternoon has cancelled as they didn’t realise it was a maisonette and not a house. We did tell them, but they said they only just realised.”

This is making me think 2 things…

1) Does 99% of the population comprise of morons? (Perhaps that’s a litle harsh, but still… Annoyed!)

2) Do estate agents book fake viewings and then cancel them, to make it look like they have generated more interest in your property than they really have?

The first point is perhaps my general venting at people who are apparently adult enough to obtain a mortgage, yet still incapable of reading the details of a property they’re potentially looking to buy.

The second point, however, makes me consider why I feel that this may be the case. We’re trusting (and paying) our estate agent a lot to find the right buyer for our property, yet they didn’t seem to adequately communicate the details of our property to the buyers. That is literally what we’re paying them to do. Are there potential buyers out there who don’t know about what we’re offering?

In our search for our next house, we haven’t had a single estate agents call us regarding a property that they’ve listed. All they seem to do is wait for us to search on RightMove and then call them up. Is our agent doing the same? Are they “actively marketing the property” like their contract says they should be, or are we just funding an inbound call centre? I guess that will be revealed in time, as we await the next viewing to be booked (genuine or not!)

Oh well, at least the house is super tidy now.