I’m not a fan of the word, yet I seem to be labelled it on an almost daily basis. Be it from loved ones or new acquaintances, the single most common term ascribed to me is Foodie.

I believe it to be an ancient Celtic word meaning “One who will always have another slice.”

I forget, quite often, that my lust for good food exudes unabated, always at full volume. Never dampened. Occasionally I get reminded that I’m perhaps over-excited, usually by a comment from my long-suffering partner Ellie pointing out “It’s just a sandwich” or “Calm down, you’re going to drop your samosa!”

Luckily, Ellie is a primary school teacher, and I am a massive child, so it works.

Particular events seem to pique my interest more than others, and the majority of those are food festivals. Growing in popularity, every town and county seems to have a day or two each year specially set aside for gluttons and picky eaters alike, where marketplaces and squares are adorned with bunting and the citizens flock in to get their bellies filled.

In the past couple of months alone I have already been to Bude for Food and Powderham Food Festival (photos and video from them coming soon!), but unfortunately had to miss Dartmouth Food Fest due to some unforeseen circumstances.

So when my home town on Barnstaple hosts the biggest day of its food calendar, I can’t help but get excited. Out comes the inner child. For me, it’s like Christmas come early. To everyone else, it’s North Devon FoodFest 2015.

What’s more, I was lucky enough to actually win something for once, and went home with my very own AGA Cookware Kit from Rangemoors. My kitchen, already full of pots and pans, has now been furnished with some top notch casseroles, roasters, baking sheets and more. I think Ellie was slightly shocked by how eager I was to get into the boxes when we returned home. The squeals of joy that sounded as each box unfolded to reveal the unexpected prize within was definitely reminiscent of my childhood.

I guess it’s reactions like this that earn me that “Foodie” label. I guess I ought to learn to wear it with pride.