Ok, today’s plan involves a fair amount of manliness. Doing some DIY, shopping for paint, and probably punching a lion or something… Manly!

Waking up hungry means I need a proper breakfast to set me up for the day ahead, or else I’ll become a proper grumpalump by lunchtime. This morning I have a major protein craving, so cereal won’t cut it. Or fruit. Or a smoothie. To the fridge!

Bacon, sausages, black pudding… Nope, none of them in the fridge. It’s the end of the week so all I’ve got is a few odds and ends that need using up before the big shop tomorrow, which thankfully means I have eggs to get through too.

Last night I had filled up on some chilli beef Sloppy Joes, leaving me with leftover fresh guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Thinking “Mexican” and thinking “eggs” I’d kill for some Huevos Rancheros, but I’m hungry now. No time for rice, or beans, or tortillas. I need turbo food, right now!

Fast, like an omelette, but substantial enough to set me up for man-time, my stomach and brain team up to concoct this Omleta Mexicana. This recipe can be enjoyed any time of the day really, and makes enough for 2 to share, or one hungry fella like me!




1 small Potato (Charlotte or New is ideal)
2 Spring Onions
3 or 4 Cherry Tomatoes
1 or 2 Chestnut Mushrooms
3 Free Range Eggs, beaten
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Chilli Powder (Hot or Mild, up to you!)
Coriander Leaf (Fresh or dried)
Smoked Paprika

Plus some Guacamole, Salsa, and Soured Cream with Chives to serve, homemade if you can.


  1. Get a pan on a medium heat, and add a good glug of oil. About a tablespoon of olive oil is best. Also, get your grill on a good high heat. While that’s warming up, coarsely grate the potato and chop up the spring onion. Add the potato to the pan, and move it around to coat all of the potato with the hot oil. Sprinkle on a little sea salt and grind in some black pepper.
  2. After a couple of minutes, when the potato starts to brown, break it up. We’re not making a rosti so don’t let it clump. Toss in the spring onion, and chop up the tomatoes and mushrooms.


  3. After a minute or two, pop in the toms and ‘shrooms, and raise the heat a little bit. Don’t let it start smoking, and make sure the potatoes don’t burn. The higher heat reduces the water in the pan, so we don’t get a soggy tortilla. Beat the eggs in a jug, and add in the paprika and chilli powder to taste.


  4. Once the pan stops steaming, should be about a minute, reduce the heat back to medium, and pour in the beaten eggs.


  5. Give them about a minute to set on the bottom before sticking the whole thing under the grill for a few minutes. Once it’s puffed up a bit, set throughout, and golden on top, you’re ready to go.

Stir fresh chives through some soured cream, and serve it up with the guac and salsa. Add a dash of chilli sauce if you need a kick. Tuck in!