The light streams through the curtains and wakes me
As my mother does that thing
That all mothers do
To wake up their sleeping youngsters
When it’s time to get up.

She’s already laid out my clothes
Ready for me to get dressed
Before I head downstairs
And find my porridge ready for me
Cooling down on the kitchen table.

I start to feel more awake now
As my mumbles turn into words
“I’ve made your sandwiches
And packed your lunchbox”
My mother informed me in a caring way.

I brushed my teeth like all good sons should
Before my mother helped me with my tie.
She wiped a stray smear of toothpaste
From my cheek.
I then tied my shoelaces all by myself.

I stood up straight and smiled
“I’m proud of you” she beamed
and I picked up my bag,
headed out the door
and meandered down to the bus stop.

The bus arrived 2 minutes late,
And I head for my usual window seat,
Planning what I would like to do
This weekend with my friends
When my mother arrived at the bus door.

“You forgot your name badge!” she said
“Thanks mum,” I replied
“My boss would have killed me for that!”
As the bus pulls away I think about my weekend plans
For my 32nd birthday party.

– Rivenberg